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Claim Beli and Fruits for King of Sea using Codes in Roblox

King of Sea is an adventure Role-playing game in Roblox. Based on the famous anime One Piece, the game was released recently and became very popular. The game is fun gameplay as a pirate who wants to get the treasure of one piece but has to face many difficulties and challenges.

When you spawn in the lobby, you can see different NPCs with different functions. One is the fruit dealer from which you can buy fruits to upgrade your skills. Then, you can see your inventory by asking the inventory stoker. To buy swords, you must interact with ZOZO, the katana expert, and the quiz NPC gives you different tasks to increase your level and win rewards.

These challenges include fighting with many enemies and their bosses on the island. The fruits spawn after every 30 minutes at random locations on the island and expire after 20 minutes. You can also buy fruit from the dealer in the lobby. After you explore and reach a certain level, you can buy a boat and travel to other islands to fight more enemies and fruits.

King of Sea Codes – Feb 2024

King of Sea has an option to redeem codes. These codes are the fastest way to earn rewards and perks for free. You can get different fruits, swords, EXP, and money using these codes. The game developers release these codes, and they are available for a limited time. All the active and expired codes are listed below:

Active King of Sea Codes

  • KashimoHajime—Redeem for Fruit and Beli (Must be level 60+) (New)
  • Whole Cake—Redeem for Fruit and Beli  (New)
  • HappyHalloween—Redeem for Fruit and Beli
  • BugFixes—Redeem for x10 Fruit and x50k Beli
  • ZouIsland—Redeem for Fruit and Beli
  • SubToXou—Redeem for Fruit and Beli
  • Hybrid_Dragon—Redeem for Fruit and Beli
  • SatoruHasDied—Redeem for Fruit and Beli
  • DressRosa—Redeem for Fruit and Beli
  • SEA2!—Redeem for Fruit and Beli
  • GameIsPlayableNow—Redeem for Fruit and Beli
  • Ty2MVisits!—Redeem for Fruit and Beli
  • Wolf—Redeem for a Random Fruit and Beli
  • Giraffe—Redeem for a Devil Fruit
  • OMGXP—Redeem for an XP Boost
  • HakiColor—Redeem for the Orange Haki
  • MiniUpdate—Redeem for 5 Clan Spins
  • TyFor1M—Redeem for a Permanent Fruit
  • Dragon—Redeem for in-game rewards

Expired King of Sea Codes

  • HappyEaster
  • HappyEaster1
  • SubToTigreTV

How do you use redeem codes in the King of Sea?

To unlock rewards, follow these simple steps

  • Open Roblox on your mobile or PC
  • Search for the game and tap the play icon
  • In the game, on the left side of the display, there is a menu button; click on it.
  •  An overlay will show. At the bottom of the overlay, there is a textbox for codes.
  • Enter the code from this page as it is, and avoid typo mistakes.
  • If the code is still working, you will get your reward.

How to Get New Codes?

All codes on this page are updated regularly. If you want to keep earning rewards free, keep visiting this page. You can also get the latest updates on the game, free bonuses, and events by visiting the Trello page or YouTube channel and joining the discord group of the game’s creator, kauan123ro.

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