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Get Free Minutes for Booth Game using Codes

Booth is an open-world interaction game in Roblox. This game suits you if you are tired and want to relax in a relaxing simulation. In this game, players interact with each other and play different games. This game has reached 17 million visits. You can also join with friends and experience it together.

There is an open island, and it is free to go anywhere. You can visit other booths to dance, play games, interact, and do various activities. You can also set up your booth first by buying a space. Then, select the type of booth that you want to establish. Multiple booths are available to own in the game, like an Aquarium, Art room, Boxing Ring, Café, Business booth, Fast Food, Funeral Booth, Food Truck, Gas Station, Military Base, Mushroom, Office, Stage, Police Station, House and Zoo.

You can customize these booths in many ways to make them more attractive, like changing the color of each element, like walls, floor, and furniture, and adding various items like posters, decorations, and equipment. With each booth, there is a specific activity that you can perform related to it, like challenging other players or solving puzzles.

Many events also occur in the game, like Halloween, when there is a mysterious island where you can go by cannon. You must complete the puzzle on this island to get an achievement badge. Minutes are the common currency in the game, for which you can unlock different booths and gadgets. You earn minutes by spending time in the game, and in the booth, you can also get them by playing games.

Booth Game Codes – Feb 2024

Booth Game has an option to redeem codes. These codes are the fastest way to earn rewards and benefits free. You can get free minutes by using these codes. The game developers release these codes, and are available for a limited time. All the active and expired codes are listed below:

Active Booth Game Codes

  • BugFixes118—Redeem for +35 Minutes (New)
  • WeirdCurse—Get free 25 Minutes (New)
  • NewMapHype—Get Free 25 Minutes
  • SettingSave—Get Free 25 Minutes
  • LateUpdate0521—Get Free 25 Minutes
  • ChairGaming—Get Free 25 Minutes
  • TrashGaming—Get a free Garbage Container
  • UniverseGlitch23—Get Free 23 Minutes
  • BistroFeature—Get Free 25 Minutes
  • New10KLikes—Get Free 30 Minutes
  • BoothCleanUp—Get Free 30 Minutes
  • PatrickHouse—Get Free 30 Minutes

Expired Booth Game Codes

No code has expired yet.

How do you use redeem codes in the Booth game?

To unlock rewards, follow these simple steps

  • Open Roblox on your mobile or PC
  • Search for the game and tap the play icon
  • In the game, on the top of the display is a setting button; click on it.
  •  An overlay will show. Swipe this overlay to till you see a text box for codes.
  • Enter the code from this page as it is and avoid typo mistakes.
  • If the code is still working, you will get your reward.

How to Get New Codes?

All codes on this page are updated regularly. If you want to keep earning rewards free, keep visiting this page. You can also get the latest updates on the game, free bonuses, and events by visiting the Twitter page or YouTube channel and joining the discord group of the game’s creator, Manual.

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