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How to get Cyber Thorn in Blade Ball Roblox?

Blade Ball is a compatible multiplayer game in Roblox. Save yourself from the ball and hold your position until standing last. It is the best action-packed game to test your skills. It is a multiplayer game where you must engage and play faster than others. The game launched recently and became very popular very quickly. It now has 1.3+ billion visits and 180k plus live players.

After you enter the game, there is a green ring. Go into the ring you will spawn at matchmaking. Here, you can choose between various modes. Once you are in the match, a white glowing ball is in the center. This ball starts attacking players, and you have to deflect the ball with your sword. The ball attacks randomly and very quickly. Therefore, you must be ready to stop the ball because if the ball hits you, you will lose. The match keeps going until only one player lasts in the end.

Skills and Abilities

You can use various skills to play more effectively. Some skills are free, but you can unlock the most with coins. The first ability skill is Dash; with this ability, you will move in the forward direction. If you dash in the direction of your opponent, you can defeat it. You can also dodge the ball using this ability at the right time. You can upgrade this ability two times to dash farther. Second is the Super Jump, which helps you jump high above the ground. Use it at the right time to dodge the ball. Next is the Platform, which creates a high platform beneath you.

The Quad Jump ability allows you to jump four times instead of two times. The Invisibility skill helps you to be non-attackable for a few seconds. Thunder Dash is a powerful ability by which you dash forward, leaving a light trail behind you. It is significantly faster than the standard Dash. Blink is an incredible ability that allows you to teleport to three locations simultaneously. Then is the Shadow Step, which increases your movement speed. Wind Clock is a helpful ability that increases the speed and jump height for 10- 15 seconds. More abilities in the game are Freeze, Forcefield, Swap, Raging Deflect, Telekinesis, Pull, Phantom, Phase Bypass, Reaper, Rapture, and Waypoint.

How do you get Cyber Thorn in Blade Ball?

The game has many beautiful skins and UGCs that you can get in spins and event shops. Like this in the Cyber set of skins, the Cyber Throne sword became very popular. Therefore, here you can know how you can get this skin.

The Cyber Throne skin was available in the cyber set that you can get by buying the Cyber Pack game pass for 399 Robux. However, this pass was available until September 23, 2023. That is why you cannot buy it right now.

Final Words

here is all the information about the Cyber Thorn Skin in Blade Ball. Explore this site to learn more about this or other Roblox games. You can also get more info about this game on its official Trello page and Twitter page, YouTube channel, and join the discord group of the game developer, Wiggity.