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Where to find Officer Kowalsky in RoboCop Rogue City – A Guide Roblox Game

RoboCop Rouge City is an action shooter game released this November. Fight against crime in the futuristic city of Detroit as a cyborg police officer. The game follows thrilling plots, exciting puzzles, and live-action. It has diverse playability and various choices and scenarios based on your decisions. The game has an eye-catching graphic design along with casual mechanics.

You must complete the assigned missions involving criminal cases you are responsible for solving. Analyze data and clues to solve the cases. Fight against different criminals in shooting battles so you can catch them. An automatic gun called an Auto 9 gun is available for fighting. It has an unlimited amount of ammo. You can also take enemy weapons for a few times. You can also take down a group of enemies by shooting a fuel tank placed on the map.

The game story follows my different characters like ED-209, EUD, Agatha, Emil Antonowsky, Wendell Antonowsky, Max Becker, Ben, Brat, Bobby, Olivia, Blanche, Daniel Briggs, Michael Briggs, Gail Briggs, Cain, Casey Carmel, Chessman, Estevez, Gibson, Howards, Jerry Jenkins, Kanemitsu, Kaplan, Kowalsky, Kurtz, and more.

The game has about 57 missions. The main story missions are 31; however, there are about 27 side quests you can do by your choice. One of the tasks is finding Officer Kowalsky.

Where to find Officer Kowalsky in RoboCop Rogue City

To reach Officer Kowalsky, enter the police station lobby, where you will see many police officers. On the right of the lobby, Officer Kowalsky will be sitting. You can go near him to get in touch with him. Here, you can get the signature on your Get Well Soon card for Officer Lewis, who is under emergency treatment.

Final Words

Therefore, this is how you can find Officer Kowalsky in RoboCop Rouge City. Officer Kowalsky is an essential character in the game and is relevant to many missions and quests. Moreover, this video game has just been released, so if you want to know more about its new features, guides, and quests, keep visiting this site.