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Roblox BedWars Guide: Go and Get You Free Kits This Week

BedWars is a role-playing PVP battleground game on Roblox. Build your bed with strong resources to protect it and get powerful weapons to fight enemies. The game gets very exciting as you keep going with it. It is a top-rated game on Roblox with about 9 billion visits and 30k active users.

As you start, after you enter the match. Start building your bed with materials like wool and wood that you can collect from your surroundings. After creating your bed, make a hall with different solid materials like concrete, iron, and obsidian blocks. Along with this, you have to keep an eye on your enemies that could attack your bed. To fight with them, you must equip a sword. Various types of swords are available, ranging from affordable to premium, which can effectively defeat enemies.


Raiding on the beds of other players makes it more fun to play; if you defeat an enemy and take his bed, you can get rewards, gems, and resources. You can play both single-player and multiplayer modes. The multiplayer mode is more fun because you can play in a coordinated way in a team by assigning roles to one another. One must protect, one must farm, and the others can raid enemies. The match finishes when only one player or team remains at the end.

Furthermore, Kits are an essential part of the game. A kit is a set of a character with unique abilities. It has separate tools and weapons because it has a specific role in the game. Some are good at defense, some at farming, and some at building.

Roblox BedWars: Free Kits This Week

In BedWars, the game offers many useful kits that make it more fun to play. The game developers release new kits every week. Any of the four kits are available for free use. These kits are only available for this week. Free kits are shuffled with new kits at the end of the week. You can buy the remaining kits for 399 Robux or a battle pass to get them permanently. The following kits are available this week:

Sheep Herder

A Sheep herd can gather sheep from all around the map. These sheep boost his damage from all types of attacks. The attack damage can increase from 9% to 45% based on the number of sheep.


Lucia has a piñata that she can use to get cadies. When Lucia damages an enemy, the piñata fills. Upon full pinata, the player can break it for candies.


Freiya is equipped with a frost sword. Frost is locked in the beginning. To unlock this, complete the ice bar by fighting with enemies.


Kaliyah, this week is available if you are level 20 or above. It has dragon rage ability to fight enemies.

Final words

These are the free kits this week in BedWars. If you want to know more about free rewards, keep visiting this page. You can also get the latest updates on the game, free bonuses, and events by visiting the Twitter page or YouTube channel and joining the discord group of the game’s creator, Easy.gg.