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Where is the Asylum in Adopt Me!? (Halloween 2024) in Roblox?

Adopt Me! is an open-world simulation game on Roblox. This is a casual role-playing game. Like its name, the game is about adopting, caring for, and keeping a Pet. You must live in the virtual world while doing regular things and looking after your pet. Many players also live in the world, and you can interact with them.

Halloween Event (2024)

On October 5, 2023, the game introduced the Halloween Event with many new pets, toys, and mini-games. Many items can be equipped with the event’s coins called Candy in this event. To earn these candies, you have to participate in the mini-games of the event. These games include Tile Skip, Chickatrice Says, and Spooky Shuffle. You can also buy more candies for Robux. To buy all the pets, toys, and accessories, you must go to an Asylum.

Where is the Asylum in Adopt Me!? (Halloween 2024) – Roblox

Therefore, you must reach the Asylum to access all the event shops, items, and games. Here are the directions on how you can go to the Asylum.

  • When you open the game, you will be in your house. First, leave the house.
  • Then, reach a big red arrow named Exit.
  • A big white portal will be there when you reach the exit point. Enter the portal
  • After entering the portal, you will reach the Adoption Island. You can do many activities in multiple buildings, houses, and parks.
  • Between the Doctor’s Office and the Pet shop, a bridge will lead you to the Asylum.

Enter the door of the Asylum, and you will enter a big hall where you can get limited-time Halloween pets, items, and accessories and even play the Halloween-exclusive mini-games.


There are several pets that you can get in the Asylum. The common pets include Ghost, Uncommon include Cute-A-Cabra, Scarecrow, and Undead Elk. The Rare pets include Ghost Dog, Scarecrow Horse, and Evil Rock. The Ultra-Rare pets include Slim, Nightmare Owl, and Scarecrow Cat. The legendary pets include Vampire Dragon, Dire Stag, ScareCrow, and Warewolf.


You can get many Obtainable toys in the shop, like Bandage Propeller and Full Moon Flying Disc. The Uncommon toys are Pumpkin Kitty Plushie and Vampire Skull Rattle. Rare toys available are SpellBook Throw and Jack-O-Lantern Light. The ultra-rare items are Vampire Chew Toy and Candy Skewer.

Pet Accessories

You can also get pet accessories in the Asylum; common accessories are Slime Backpack, Eye Bat Monocole, and Ball and Chain Earrings—uncommon accessories like Jack-o-Lantern Shades and Evil Headphones. Rare accessories like Wicked Boots and Skull Bow. Ultra-Rare accessories: Monster Hat and Death Cloak.


You can get two vehicles: Hunted Wagon and Charon’s Boat.


There are two strollers available; rare strollers include Spikey Chariot and Legendary Strollers Floating Hang.

Final Words

This is all the available information about the Halloween Event in the Adopt ME! To get more guides on other Roblox games, keep visiting our site. You can also check for more events and information about the game by visiting the Twitter, discord, and YouTube channels of Uplift Games, the game developer.

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