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How to get all 18 Badges in Break In 2 – A Roblox Game

Break In 2 is an exciting story game similar to Break In 1; it has a role-playing multiplayer style. The game is fascinating and full of quests, hidden puzzles, and combats. It has satisfying animations and music.

How do you get all 18 Badges in Break In 2?

In the game, there are about 18 achievement missions. You will receive a badge for each achievement if you complete these missions. This is the list of all badges. You can learn how to achieve these badges by following the information below:

1. Family Bonding

  • First, you must go to the kitchen to get this badge.
  • Here, you have to help a player in the opposite role. If you are a child, you can help a parent; if you are a parent, you can help a child.
  • You can help a child by opening the kitchen door for him so the child can enter.

2. Expert Investigators

  • First, achieve the level three speed by running on the gym’s treadmill.
  • Then, buy a Bloxy Cola tin from the vending machine inside the secret base.
  • Reach the top floor of the base by climbing the blue ladder.
  • Drink the Bloxy Cola and jump through the broken bridge.
  • There will be a door. Enter the door, and you will find Inspector Bradley sleeping on the table.
  • There will be a board of clues about the events of the Break In 1.
  • Arrange these events in the correct order so that you will receive your badge.

3. Delivery’s Here

  • Outside the base, there is a burning car.
  • You have to collect four food items near this car
  • Return the base safely with these items to get the badge.

4. Dog Rescue

  • To get this badge, you first need to increase your speed level up to 4
  • Then go to the information board near the staircase and find the instructions to find the Twado.
  • First, learn about its favorite food and buy it from the shop.
  • Go to the kennel and give food to the Twado; it will start following you.
  • Then, reach the base safely with Twado.

5. Uncle Pete’s Return

  • First, go to the kitchen and search the drawers.
  • Here, you will find a large-size key.
  • Go to the prison on the first floor and Rescue Uncle Pete to get the badge.

6. Tool Time

This badge could only unlock before fighting the NPCs

  • Go to the info board and find the data about the legendary gun.
  • Then go to the vending machine and invest until you get the gun.
  • After unlocking the most significant gun, you will also unlock this badge.

7. Wake Up, Bradley

  • For this, complete the missions given by Uncle Peet.
  • Then you will get a white rat from Uncle Pete
  • Get this rat to Bradley so that he will wake up, and you get the badge

8. Dream Time

  • You must add three game characters to your team to get this badge before fighting wave three of the enemies.
  • These characters include Twad, Uncle Pete, and Bradley.

9. Spring Clean

  • to get this badge to defeat all three waves of enemies.

10. So Strong

  • To get the badge, you must reach level 5
  • To increase the level, exercise in the gym with equipment

11. So Fast

  • For this, you have to max your speed level
  • Train in a treadmill machine to increase your speed.

12. You Win

  • Complete the whole game until the end.
  • You will receive this award automatically.

13. Color Coordinated

  • In order to get this badge, go to the security room, where you can enter by the first door in the basement.
  • Rearrange the colors on the monitor by correctly adjusting the panels to match the target color.
  • If you need yellow, make one monitor red and the other green to obtain yellow. For the middle monitors, click on the camera button to reveal their target colors and start adjusting.
  • Once you solve all the target colors on the screen, you will open the small red container with the health kit. Take the item to get the Color Coordinated badge.

14. The Golden Apple

Before the fight with NPCs, you can get this badge

  • Go outside the base where the game started.
  • You have to go to the end of the road by moving through the wind.
  • At the end of the road, you will find the Golden Apple.
  • Pick it, and you will get the badge.
  • Eating this apple will heal your whole team.

15. Our Base Now

You can get this badge by defeating all three waves of the enemies.

16. Discolored Pizza

  • This badge can be acquired by going to the cafeteria’s vending machine.
  • Then, spend 200 cash in the machine to get a key.
  • Then, find a locker room, unlock the room with the key, and get the discolored pizza.

17. Defeat Scary Mary

  • At the end of the story, you will meet the ultimate boss, Scarry Mary.
  • You need to fight and defeat the Scarry Mary to get this badge

18. You Win (Secret Ending)

To get the You Win Secret Ending Badge in Break In 2, you’ll need the following special items:

  • Golden Crowbar
  • Scary Larry’s Hat
  • Scary Larry’s Mask

Final Words

These are 18 badges you can get in the game. We also discussed how you could get these badges in Break In 2. You also learn about all the working redeems codes to get a free reward here. To get more guides on other Roblox games, keep visiting our site. You can also check for various events and information about the game by following the Twitter, Discord, and YouTube channels of Cracky4, the game developer.