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Citampi Stories Jobs Guide – How To Get High-Paying Jobs?

Citampi Stories is a roleplaying simulator game. It is available on both IOS and Android platforms. Start a new life in Citampi, make friends, find a job, and earn money. Choose one of the jobs you like and get successful and famous all over the town. Explore the pixelated graphic design and enjoy this casual experience.

This virtual life simulation is about a young boy who wants to live a simple life and earn money to pay his debts. Therefore, you will help him get a job and make relations with others.

How do you get High-Paying jobs in Citampi stories?

There are four zones in the game. The second zone is where you live; remaining in the three, you do various tasks and activities. Below are the steps on how to get a high-paying job:

See the Job Vacancy Board

You can find all the available jobs on a table named Job Vacancy. The positions you can join are in the green portion, whereas the ones you cannot are in red.

Join the Jobs with no Conditions

You can get experience by joining these jobs, as they require no conditions so that you can join them quickly. However, these jobs pay very low.

Gain some Energy

Jobs also require a certain energy level, so you can get this energy by taking food from the shops.

Make a Proper Schedule

You must be on time to do your job correctly and always remember the job’s timings.

Complete the Remaining Requirements

The other requirements include skills, strength, intelligence, and specific costume. Here is how you can increase these levels.

  • In the storeroom at your home, you will find some furniture goods. Join them to complete them and get skill points.
  • Exercising at the gym to gain strength will consume energy, so also keep eating some food.
  • Talk with characters in the town to get communication skills.
  • Go to the net cafe in area three, and use a computer to increase your intelligence skills.

At last, to buy any costume, go to the Urban Streetwear shop in the area 2. Now, you are ready to join any job in the game.

All the Highest Paying Jobs in Citampi Stories

Below are all the highest-paying jobs area-wise.

Area 1

A TEACHER’s job is the highest-salary job that pays up to 70 RP/hour. To get this, you need to:

  • Increase your communication skills up to level 5
  • Strength up to level 3
  • Intelligence to level 5
  • Buy a Grey Suit

In CATERING, you will earn up to 60 RP/hour. It requires you to:

  • Get level 3 communication skills
  • Level 5 strength
  • Intelligence up to level 4
  • Buy a White Formalwear suit.

As a FOOD VLOGGER, you can get about 55 RP/hour. It has the following requirements:

  • Upgrade your communication level to 5
  • Strength to level 2
  • Intelligence to level 4
  • Wear a Hawaiin Shirt

Area 3

YOUTUBER gets 65 RP/hour. Overall requirements.

  • You need communication skills level 5
  • strength level 3
  • intelligence up to level 5
  • buy a Prank Costume

Area 4

As a Branch Manager, you will receive around 72RP per hour. It has the following conditions.

  • Communication Skill Level 5
  • Strength over Level 3
  • Intelligence about Level 5
  • Wear a Black Suit

Final Words

Above is the complete guide on How To Get The Highest-Paying Jobs in Citampi Stories and the highest-paying jobs in the game. Explore this site to see more guides on this game or other games. Thank you!