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Where is the Cyborg Awaken NPC in One Punch Hero?

One Punch Hero is an action simulation game on Roblox. The game is full of battles and adventures across a city. You must train, fight, and stop the big villains and bosses. You can interact and play with other players on an open-world map. Start by upgrading your fighter by teaching, training, and completing different tasks.

The main task is upgrading the character to maximum levels as quickly as possible. After certain levels, you must choose a class for your character. The game has seven types, each with skills and abilities. First is Cyborg, whose basic attacks include Mechanical Dash, Incineration Cannon, Incineration Barrage, and Self-Incinerate. Get this class by training with Genos Trainer. Second is the Metal Bal, whose abilities comprise Metal Dash, Bat Barrage, Consecutive Swings, and Bat Slam—this class is training with a Bat Trainer.

The third class is Lightning Max, who can do the following moves: Lightning Dash, Lightning Toss, Lightning Kick, and Lightning Smash. This class is available after training with Lightning Max Trainer. The next is the Ninja class. Major moves include Water Fist Smash, Flowing Water Barrage, Swift Whirlwind, and Destructive Walter Blitz. Get it by training from a Martial Artist Trainer. The sixth is the Esper class, which can do attacks like Psychic Flight, Rock Throw, Black Hole, and Meteor Barrage.

It is available by being trained by Tatsumommy Trainer. The last class is Boros, which can open the portal attack with Destructive Energy Ball, Shock Wave, and Meteoric Cannon. You can get this from Boros trainer.

You have the opportunity to engage with three types of NPCs. Some are Quest NPCs that will give a new task on interaction. Some are resource NPCs that allow you to buy different items in the game. Next are the trainer NPCs that provide you with training to fight, and the last is Enemy NPCs that you fight to reach a certain level and get money.

How to find the Cyborg Awaken NPC in One Punch Hero?

Therefore, as you know, the Cyborg class is unlocked after you train with Cyborg Awaken NPC. However, some people needed help locating it in the game. Here are a few steps to find the Cyborg Awaken NPC on this page.

  • As you enter the Lobby, go outside and start moving south of the map.
  • After a time, a grassy area starts.
  • Open the map by clicking the three bars option on the left side. Then tap maps.
  • After reaching the bottom of the land surface, move towards the east.
  • When you reach there, you will see a pop-up named DR Kesuno, the actual name of Cyborg Awaken.

Final Words

Therefore, this is how you can find Cyborg Awaken NPC in One Punch Hero. Please visit our site to see more guides on this or other Roblox games. You can also get more info about this game on its official Trello page and Twitter page, YouTube channel, and join the discord group of the game developer, Reeely.