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Super Dunk Simulator Codes to Get Pets and Powers

Super Dunk Simulator is a basketball simulation game on Roblox. On a basketball court, all the players play and compete with each other. It has casual gameplay where you must shoot your ball through the hoop. The game has many rewards and events. Join with your friends and challenge one another.

The game is very straight; you must dribble the basketball and get power. You can jump higher and higher and basketball through more hoops as you get the power. As you basket the ball, you get Win Points; the higher the ring you put the ball, the more points you will get.

You must increase your power by dribbling the basketball and collecting power points from the ground to jump that high. The hoops are on a long, colorful stand. Every color shows the next level. There are three parts to the game. The first is from the ground to the clouds. Next is from clouds to space. The last is from space to heaven.

The game has additional items to boost your progress, like a magnet that collects all the power points from the ground. Speed booster to increase movement speed. Auto ball dribble, so you do not need to click repeatedly. The power gain rate increases if you unlock a pet. There is a crate called the Earth Crust, where you can collect power for free after some time. You can also buy the teleport option to go to any world. The game offers many free rewards, like Power, Win points, and pet eggs.

Super Dunk Simulator Codes Jan 2024

Super Dunk Simulator Codes are a good and fastest way to earn rewards. These codes save a lot of time, effort, and money. Game creators offer these codes with a specific time for redeeming rewards. All the active and expired codes are listed below.

Active Super Dunk Simulator Codes (Working)

  • CATBOSS– Use this code to unlock a Boss Cat Pet.
  • SUPEROP– Use this code to unlock an OP Pet.
  • LEVELUP– Use this code to unlock the drop of Power.
  • POWERSUPPLY– Use this code to unlock 1K Power.
  • SOSHINY– Use this code to unlock a Gold Pet Egg.
  • BEANS– Use this code to unlock 1K Power.
  • 25HUNDO– Use this code to unlock a Gold Pet Egg.
  • BEEPBOOP– Use this code to unlock a Happy Bot Pet.
  • BIGDUNK– Use this code to unlock a new hoop; 1 K wins and 1K power.
  • TRIPLEG– Use this code to unlock 3x Gold Pet Eggs.
  • SUPERPOWER– Use this code to unlock the drop of Power.

Expired Super Dunk Simulator Codes

All the codes are still working. No code has expired yet.

How do you enter codes in the Super Dunk Simulator?

To use the above codes, follow these steps.

  • Run Roblox on your computer or mobile.
  • Search this game and tap the play icon
  • In the game, search and click on the setting icon.
  • Then, open the Twitter icon. A text box will open.
  • Enter the given codes, and avoid typing mistakes.
  • Press enter so that you will get your reward.

How to Find More Codes?

All codes on this page are updated regularly. If you want to keep earning rewards free, keep visiting this page. You can also get the latest updates on the game, free bonuses, and events by visiting the Twitter accounts, discord group, or YouTube channel and joining the discord group of the game’s creator, BOSSCAT.