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Omniheroes Tier List – Best Heroes Ranked (2024)

Omniheroes is a role-playing and strategy game for mobile platforms. Make a team of powerful mythical characters and fight epic battles. This a very popular game because of its immersive graphics and animation. You can see the Tier list about which characters you select on this page.

Omniheroes Tier List

The heroes are listed according to the five realms from which they are relative. The first is the Woodland Heroes List. In Woodland, heroes have to go against demons and save their kingdom.

Tier Character Role Rarity
S Minotaur [Mino’s Bull] Tank Legendary
Lilly & Lia Support Legendary
Sylvan [Centaur Commander] Warrior Legendary
A Elune [Valor Valkyrie] Warrior Legendary
Merlin  [Woodland Oracle] Mage Legendary
Osse [Ancient Guardian] Warrior Legendary
Ashlyn [Druid Enchanter] Support Legendary
Nawi Warrior Legendary
Bojji Tank Epic
B Stannard [Lizard Mage] Mage Epic
Doris [Ocean Sylph] Mage Legendary
Diana [Woodland Ranger] Warrior Epic
Merida Support Rare
C Marina Mage Legendary

Empire Heroes List

These are noble Imperials of the Dawn Empire. They fight to protect their people.

Tier Character Role Rarity
S Themis [justice warrior] Warrior Legendary
Catrina [sea Admiral] Warrior Legendary
Salleine Mage Legendary
Atropos Support Legendary
A Albert Mage Legendary
Marlena [Spear Maiden] Warrior Legendary
Dorabella [Ethereal Valkyrie] Mage Legendary
B Athena Tank Legendary
Bjorn Warrior Epic
Yasuke Tank Epic

Eclipse Heroes list

Eclipse heroes are very powerful dark magic masters. They fight just to practice their skills.

Tier Character Role Rarity
S Mavis Warrior Legendary
Franz [Clawed Avenger] Mage Legendary
Bastet [Mystic Valkyrie] Support Legendary
A Solomon Tank Legendary
Ellie [Red Riding Hood] Mage Legendary
Persephone Support Legendary
Carola Warrior Legendary
B Percival [Dr. Octo] Mage Epic
Brutus [Sinister Assassin] Warrior Epic
Emily [Ghost Bride] Mage Legendary
C Anubia [Jackal Queen] Support Legendary

Demon Heroes list

The dark forces that want to overcome and engulf humanity. These evils want to take over the kingdom and stop the good.

Tier Character Role Rarity
S Dullahan [Headless Horseman] Tank Legendary
Lamia [Abyss Enchantress] Mage Legendary
Mastema [Abyssal Avenger] Warrior Legendary
Macaria [Abyss Queen] Warrior Legendary
Aiushtha [Doomsday Valkyrie] Support Legendary
Arkdina [Vengence Valkyrie] Mage Legendary
Nyx [Nightfall Queen] Warrior Legendary
A Janna [Soul Empress] Tank Legendary
Guinn Mage Legendary
B Medusa [Snake Queen] Mage Epic
Baal [Destruction Beast] Tank Epic

Divine Heroes List

Divine heroes are the caretakers of peace and balance. They are responsible for the rule of law and proper justice.

Tier Character Role Rarity
S Talos [Metal Giant] Tank Legendary
Hallios[Archangel] Warrior Legendary
Lanchesis Mage Rare
Karnak [Mecha Lord] Warrior Legendary
Eudora [Eternal Flame] Warrior Legendary
A Victoria [Winged Victory] Warrior Legendary
Talanis Mage Legendary
B Atalanta Warrior Epic
Clotho Support Epic

Final Words

Therefore, while creating a team select players according to our tier list and enjoy the gameplay without fear. You can also check more tire lists of other games on our site.