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Is There Any Codes for In Plain Sight 2 – Roblox Game?

In Plain Sight 2 is an action robbery game on Roblox. It is a thrilling and suspenseful multiplayer game. It follows the actual life situation of robbery, from planning to escaping. It is a well-liked game with about 85% percentage and 26M visits.

There are two teams: the thieves and the camera monitoring. The thieves must steal many valuable items from different places by avoiding the security cameras and escaping before the police arrive. Thieves also have many skills and abilities to steal more items, survive longer, and stop other players. They are further divided into Active ability and Passive ability groups.

The camera monitoring teamwork as security, and their primary role is to stop the robbery. They also possess some abilities to stop the thieves more effectively, having the same two types, active and passive.  After choosing a team, you must choose a map from five maps: Museum, Bank, Mansion, Mall, Police Station, Restaurant, Farm, and Complex.

You can steal a specific amount of items. Some items have more weight than their value, so you must decide which items would be more valuable and easy to steal. A page named a loot list shows all the items that can be stolen. However, there are four types of objects.

First, the Special items are related to the specific map. These things have low weight compared to their value as the bank has a briefcase, laptop, safety box, expensive check, and Scrooge’s Top hat. The Mansion has a red diamond, a magnificent photo, a Pride flag, a family sword, Mark I, etc. The Museum has a massive diamond, dinosaur tooth, ban hammer, dinosaur egg, and Moai. In the restaurant, there is a homemade meal, Killer fish, Tungsten cube, Blueberry Yogurt, and

You can buy different thief characters with other skills and abilities in the game. There is another shop for cameras where you can buy more types of cameras. The game has many events with different maps, items, and characters.

In Plain Sight 2 Codes

The In Plain Sight 2 codes are the fastest way to earn rewards. These codes save a lot of time, effort, and money. Game creators offer these codes, which can be used for free prizes and bonuses but only for a limited time. All the active and expired codes are listed below.

Active In Plain Sight 2 Codes (Working)

There are no active codes available now.

Expired In Plain Sight 2 list

There are no codes released yet.

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How do you redeem codes In Plain Sight 2?

  • You can follow the following steps to use these codes.
  • Launch the game in Roblox on mobile or PC.
  • Search this game and tap the play icon
  • There is no option available to redeem codes.
  • Come back again for updates.

How to find more codes?

Just keep visiting this page. We will soon update this page and get you all the codes. You can also learn about redeeming codes, free awards, and events by checking out Twitter, Discord Group, and the YouTube channel of the developer of this game, Crystleflame.