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How to get the Evil Rock pet in Adopt Me? A Complete Guide

Adopt Me! is an open-world simulation game on roblox. It is a casual role-playing game. Like its name, the game is about adopting, caring for, and keeping a Pet. You must live in the virtual world while doing regular things and looking after your pet. Many players live in the world, and you can interact with them.

At first, you have to choose between a Parent and a Child. The parents have adult tasks like doing a job, and a child is given minor tasks like attending school. Overall, the objective is to live as a more civic being; this depends on the player’s state. These states include Dirty, leading the player to shower or get in a bathtub. In Hungary, you must buy food from the shop, and the pets must be fed periodically.

The sleepy state can be dealt with by resting in the house. Parents can sleep on the bed, but the babies and pets can only sleep in cribs. If you feel thirsty, you must buy a drink from the shop. You can also buy a Water Cooler, coffee maker, and a tea set to get unlimited water and coffee. There are certain public places and events that you can go to complete various tasks.

How to buy things in Adopt Me!?

To buy things in the game, you need to earn Bucks by completing different tasks and missions. You can also get these by trading and doing a job. Trading is a very useful feature of this game where you can exchange items with players, including pets and goods, but first, you must apply for a trade license in the safety hub.


Pets keeping is the most liked feature because you can care for, play with, and interact with your pets. Pets are classified into five categories: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Ultra-rare, and Legendary. The basic way to get a pet is by hatching an egg, which you can buy from an asylum. You can also get different pets by trading. Pets can play many tricks, but you must first train them. These tricks unlock at a specific age as a newborn can only sit. A junior can lie down, play dead, and be joyful. As a teen, it can roll over, handstand, Dance, Erode, and jump.

Evil Rock Pet

It is a limited, rare pet in Adopt ME! It was released in October 2023 in the Halloween Event. It looks like a rock with a smile and glowing neon eyes. It also plays many tricks, like playing dead, eroding, sitting still, and thinking. It also upgrades to neon and mega neon.

How to get the Evil Rock pet in Adopt Me! – Roblox?

The evil rock pet is rare. It is only available during this event. There are two ways to get this pet:

  • You can buy it in the Asylum shop for 75 Roblox.
  • You can trade this pet with other players or friends

Final Words

Many rewards and pets in Adopt Me! come and go with different events; therefore, to know more about such events, keep visiting this site. You can also see the game’s official discord groups, Twitter, and YouTube channels.