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How to get Shocked Maggie in Find the Simpsons

Find the Simpsons is an exploration simulation game in Roblox. It is based on the famous TV show The Simpsons. The game is truly inspiring if you are a Simpsons fan. Explore the map, just like the Simpson’s world, and find different character badges while playing games and solving various puzzles all over the map. You will see how to get the shocked Maggie badge on this page.

You will spawn on the map of Springfield City. You have to go to each place where you will find characters relative to it. Some sites are Simpson House, Flander House, Movie and Theatre, circus Tent, School, Spawn, Bowling, Krusty Burger, Sea, Church, Moe’s Bar, Mr. Burns House, Springfield Falls, Nuclear Center, and Mountains. For traveling longer distances, you can access many vehicles. A few basics are free, but others can be bought in the Items option. You can also go to the general locations quickly by teleport options.

The main objective is to collect all the badges in the game. These badges are about the Characters in the game that are found all around the map. You can see your progress over the character. These characters are similar to still images at various locations. You have to walk through them to get the badge. These badges are grouped according to the level of difficulty in finding them.

The map contains puzzles and mysteries; you must figure out them to complete all the badges. You also see guides about these missions on our site. Besides that, you can do many activities and play mini-games on the map, like bowling, skating, swimming, racing, and dancing. The map is full of all the story characters and places. Just go to the site and find the characters. You can also equip pets and take them all around the game. The game has many secret places that have legendary badges. So, observe every surrounding area keenly for clues and hints. The game follows the Simpson’s TV show, which has many similarities. Knowing about the TV show allows you to relate and play more easily.

How do you get Shocked Maggie in Find the Simpsons?

Shocked Maggie is an uncommon badge. You must find Maggie to get this; follow these steps:

  • Tap the index icon with the Bart Photo on the bottom of the screen.
  • A list of all the Simpson characters will pop up. Swipe up until you find Marge Simpson.
  • Tap Marge Simpson in the list so her details will be on the right.
  • With her details, Shocked Maggie will also appear in the corner.
  • Click on her to claim your badge.

Final Word

Therefore, this is how you can get the Shocked Maggie badge in Find the Simpsons. This badge is an epic badge, which is why it is challenging to get. You can see more guides on this and other games on our site. We share information about the latest events and free rewards.