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How to get President Lisa in Find the Simpsons

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The Rare badges are Buddha Homer, Kurty Murder Plush, Joe Quimby, Dart Homer, James Bont, Elf Lisa Homer Space Mona Simpson, Hank Scorpio, Elizabeth Hoover, Bart Man, Rich Burns, Nick Riviera, Ant-Man, Gary Chalmers, Homer Hulk, Apple Hommer, Herbert Powell, and Lisa Rich.

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How to get President Lisa in Find the Simpsons?

President Lisa is a legendary badge. You must find Lisa by time travel into the future to get this. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Collect four-colour boxes from these sites: Bowlarama, nuke plant, mountain, and Movie Theater.
  • Then, you can enter Professor Frink’s secret lab.
  • Here is a time machine that will open a portal into the future.
  • Enter the portal, and then you will spawn in the future Springfield
  • Then go to the Simpson House
  • On the second floor, enter the door in the middle
  • Inside this room, you will discover President Lisa

Final Word

This is how you can get the President Lisa badge in Find the Simpsons. This badge is an epic badge, which is why it is challenging to get. You can see more guides on this and other games on our site. We share information about the latest events and free rewards.