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How to get free Primo gems in Genshin Impact?

The most famous online role-playing game, Genshin Impact, is a fantasy-based multiplayer game. It was released in September 2020 and became very popular quickly due to its intense gameplay, fascinating graphics, and dramatic storyline. It is free and open for various platforms, including Android, IOS, Windows, and PlayStation. It has both single-player and multiplayer support.

In the fantasy world of Teyvat. The gameplay starts with the Traveler, who is searching for his siblings. He makes a team with a guide, Paimon, and two best friends. You can play as any one of the four characters. This feature helps you to use the skills and abilities of all the characters. You can upgrade the powers and weapons of different artifacts collected during many missions.

The game contains many classical weapons like Bows, Catalysts, Claymores, Polearms, and Swords. Weapon enhancement materials enhance these weapons. You can get such materials by forging, battle passes, and gems. In the same way, there are also EXP materials, forging, furnishing, food, and gardening materials. You receive these materials as you finish missions, level up your characters, and win battles. Other sources to get these materials are Wishes, Primogems, Genesis Crystal, and Battle passes.

What are Primogems?

Primogems are the primary currency in Genshin Impact to buy character skins, weapon skins, and upgrade materials. Primogems are very important to progress in the game. ­You can wish for new rewards or buy the battle pass. You can buy two characters for Primogem.

How do you get free Primo gems in Genshin Impact?

Here are the ways about how you can get primo gems:

  • Commission is the set of activities and tasks that one can do to earn Primogems. Four tasks are added daily.  You can get about 1800 primogems from commissions. Each Daily Commission rewards 10 Primogems. Completing all four Daily Commissions and speaking to Katheryne rewards an additional 20 Primogems; in this way, you can get 60 primogems daily.
  • Spiral Abyss is an expedition that unlocks Adventure Park 20. In Spiral Abyss, you have to fight different enemies. As you win, you get bonus rewards of primogems. You can earn 600 primogems. If you win nine stars from floors 9-12, you will get 600 primogems. You can also get a one-time reward of 2400 primogems. If you win with three stars on every floor, you can get 100 primogems per floor from floors 1-8.
  • Visit HoyoLab: if you visit the HoyoLab daily, after a month, you will get 60 primogems.
  • Genesis Crystals: you can convert Genesis crystals into primogems, one for each. But primogems cannot be restored into Genesis crystals.
  • Achievements: if you complete all the achievements, you can get 5,200+ primogems free.
  • Other activities: you can primogems by completing tutorials, opening chests, unlocking new teleportation points, and Statues Of The Seven.
  • Redeem Codes: you can get free primogems by these codes. To learn more, visit this page.
  • In-game events: new events come into the game occasionally. You can get different rewards from these events

Final Words

These are the ways to get free primogems in Genshin Impact. To keep updated about more methods of earning free rewards, keep visiting our site.