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How to find Halloween mini-games in Adopt Me!

Adopt Me! Is it an open-world simulation game on Roblox? This is a casual role-playing game. Like its name, the game is about adopting, caring for, and keeping a Pet. You must live in the virtual world while doing regular things and looking after your pet. Many players also live in the world and you can interact with them.

Halloween Event (2024)

On October 5, 2023, the game introduced the Halloween Event with many new pets, toys, and mini-games. In this event, you can play three mini-games. Below, you can see how to access these games if you like.

How to find Halloween mini-games in Adopt Me!

To access all the event shops, items, and games, you have to reach the Asylum. Here are the directions on how you can go to the Asylum. When you open the game, you will be in your house. First, leave the house. Reach the exit point. A big white portal will be there. Enter the portal. After entering the portal, you will reach the Adoption Island. You can do many activities in multiple buildings, houses, and parks.

Between the Doctor’s Office and the Pet shop, a bridge will lead you to the Asylum. Enter the door of the Asylum, and you will enter a big hall. Go up the stairs in the hall. You will reach a room. The room has three different entrances for all three games. Walk into the entrance to play any game you want.

Mini-games in Halloween 2024

There are three mini-games in this event. These games include Tile Skip, Chickatrice Says, and Spooky Shuffle.

Tile Skip

You must escape a maze in this game by stepping on the correct tile board. The wrong will fall as you step on them and will be sent back to your last checkpoint. If you want to win the game, you must play it in a team. Then, spread all your team members all over the map and check and point out the right path.

Chickatrice Says.

This mini-game also came in 2022. In this game, you have to follow a bird named Chikatrice, who is on the middle platform and gives you instructions. When the game starts, you are standing on a platform, so you have to change your platform, which Chickatrice points out. The platforms, other than that, will fall. Every time an evil unicorn comes instead of the Chickatrice. The Evil Unicorn only suggests opposite platforms and always tries to fail you. The platform directed by the Evil Unicorn often falls. As you progress, the game gets faster and quicker, so you must jump as quickly as possible.

Spooky Shuffle

It is a very challenging mini-game in the event, where you stand in front of cannons, which fire different objects toward you. You have to collect candies while dodging the objects fired by the cannon. You can already know where the cannon will fire by watching out big red circles that appear in the following direction.

Final Word

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