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Emergency Landing Codes to get Rewards and Bonuses without using Robux

Emergency Landing is a thrilling game that will give you a great ride of fun and excitement. The game is based on a disaster situation. You will experience a state when an airplane fails and must survive the situation. The game has many random scenarios, which is why you will never get tired.

At the start, you first have to vote for a difficulty level. The most voted level is applied. Then you are standing in an airport, where you can choose many roles, such as pilot, crew, ground staff, medic, and passenger. For professional roles, you must buy a license individually with eaglets and an in-game coin. However, you can join as a passenger for free. When all the players join, the flight takes off. You can do many things while the plane is flying, going into various parts of the plane.

After some time, you will receive alerts about the plane’s failure, like the windshield being broken, the engine failing or blown out, or any part of the plane just breaking. Along with this, fire sometimes sets in, and oxygen runs out. Health and oxygen levels are displayed above in a bar. You have to keep patience until the plane lands. The flight lands at any random place: mountains, barren plains, and ocean. In oceans, it occasionally drowns, so you must come out of the plane quickly and try to stay over the surface because the rescue is on its way to save you.

How to Earn Eaglets in Emergency Landing?

There are many ways to earn eaglets; first, you will get several for surviving in the crash based on the difficulty. The game gives daily rewards and perks. You can also buy eaglets from Roblox coins. To get eaglets quickly, you must make a streak of survival in plane crashes. However, the easiest way to earn eaglets is by redeeming codes. On this page, all the emergency landing codes are listed below.

All Emergency Landing Codes (Active)

  • Medic—Redeem for a Paramedic Bag (New)
  • FIRE—Redeem for 70 Eaglets (New)
  • 1200—Redeem for 100 Eaglets
  • 734—Redeem for the Professional Ground Personnel Perk

Expired Emergency Landing Code

  • OCT – get 20 eaglets
  • 20M – redeem 100 eaglets
  • 1000 – collect 100 eaglets
  • 900 – get an Ax perk
  • 100kfav – get 100 eaglets
  • 800! – get 80 eaglets
  • binocs -20 eaglets
  • 700! -70 eaglets
  • 6 0 0 -60 eaglets
  • 10000000 – push back, drive back
  • THX – 50 eaglets
  • new_plane -72 eaglets
  • 20,000 – eaglets
  • 250 – mini-map
  • 50F! – 50 eaglets
  • 100Followers – 1 flare gun

How Do You Redeem Codes in Emergency Landing?

To use these codes, follow these simple steps.

  • Open the Roblox application, search for Emergency Landing, and click the play icon.
  • There is a plus icon on the top of the game; tap it, and a pop-up will open with many options. Find a redeem option and tap it. A textbox will open.
  • Enter the Emergency Landing Codes you have copied from our page to avoid typo mistakes and paste them into the box.
  • Tap enter and earn your reward
  • Soon, you will receive several eaglets or any reward.

How to get more Codes?

To learn about new codes, keep visiting this page, where all codes are updated regularly. You can also follow the Black Eagle industries on Twitter and Discord to learn about free rewards in the game.