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Roblox Don’t Move Codes for Rewards and Bonuses

Don’t Move is a satisfying game if you want to experience something different. To play it, you need a lot of patience. The game is simple; by its name, you can understand that you need to avoid moving. The game gets curious to complete as you spend time with it.

Moreover, it has a private server on which you can connect with friends. All the people playing in a match can interact with each other by different in-game features.

Roblox – Don’t Move Gameplay

There is a timer running in front of every player. Whenever a player moves in the game, the timer automatically resets. Thus, all players must stand still until the countdown is completed. In addition, it gave many valuable features that may cost you Roblox coins.

First, there is a Ban Hammer, which allows you to remove any moving players permanently. Then there is Sneaky Steps, which will enable you to move a little without time reset. Freeze will let you stop any player from moving. Nuke, which will disturb everyone, resets time. Pets that may please you to move.

How to Win in Don’t Move?

It is an AFK (away from keyboard) game. It would help if you tried not to press a button so the character doesn’t move. Roblox may discount you for being AFK for about twenty minutes, so to stay connected, you have to keep doing any activity to stay connected.

The game is based on the coordination of all players, so they must engage with others and keep patience. As time passes, you are rewarded with Still points, which can be used for different purposes, such as reducing the time spent buying UGC items. Roblox creators upload UGC items or user-generated content, including wearable and holdable items.

All Roblox – Don’t Move Codes Feb 2024

You can get many UGCs for free in this game by different methods. By daily rewards, achieving several still points, free spins, and redeeming codes, many save codes can help you get more skill points and reduce the timer.

Don’t Move Active Codes – Working

There are no working codes

Don’t Move Codes – Expired


How do you use redeem codes in Don’t Move?

  • Open the Roblox Launcher, choose the game, and make a click to run it.
  • There’s a code option on your left side; you will receive a textbox upon tapping it.
  • Enter the Don’t Move Code you have or copy it from our page to avoid typo mistakes and paste it into the box.
  • Hit the Enter button to claim your reward.
  • Soon, your UGC item will automatically be saved in your inventory.

How to get more codes?

To learn about new codes, revisit this page. You can also get info about free UGC by visiting the UGC creator’s Twitter page, online discord channels, blogs, and other content.