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Destiny Knights Tier List for Players with Re-Rolling Guide

Destiny Knights is a fantasy RPG game developed for mobile platforms. Fight against the evil forces of the world in a group of heroes with different superpowers. It has a story mode with many mythical characters and a divine storyline.

There are many characters. From which you can choose between and make a powerful team. Therefore, choose wisely because you will have to fight with different bosses at the end of each chapter. Practice and master the combo attacks to deal additional damage to enemies.

Destiny Knights Tier List of Top Heroes

As in the game, you can choose three player characters at a time, so there are groups of the three best characters that you can choose. Each team has three positions: rock, paper, and scissors. The heroes are in three classes: S, A, B, C, and D.

Class Position Character


Rock Julian
Paper Adonis
Scissors Tasia
A Rock Francisca
Paper Arcane
Scissors Carlota
B Rock Natalia


Paper Kur
Scissors Yanuk




Rock Helga
Paper June
Scissors Zhao Chi


Rock Gunter
Paper Sierra
Scissors Helga

You can choose the lower one if you do not have one class character. These combinations are very effective in the game, so please try according to this.

How to Reroll in Destiny Knights?

Once you have chosen your hero, you cannot change it. The developers say they will fix this error in the future. However, some Reddit users shared a post on rerolling to change their character. The method is as follows:

  • Go to the File Manager and then the internal storage.
  • Search for the Android Files folder, and then open the Data folder.
  • In this folder, find the com.netmarble.destiny folder and rename it to anything else.
  • Then go to apps settings, open the Destiny Knight settings, and clear the app data.
  • Then again, return to the renamed folder in the File Manager and change it to its original name.
  • Reopen the game and see if it allows you to change your character.

Final Words

So these are the tier lists of Destiny Night’s best heroes. Make a team according to the suggestions and win every battle. The reroll guide by which you can again choose characters. Please keep visiting our site for more guides on this game or other similar games.