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All Dead by Daylight Chapters, Ranked

Dead by Daylight is a survival-action ride released for various platforms. Get ready to hunt or escape in a dark environment full of fear because Dead by Daylight is a competitive—multiplayer game where one of the five players is a killer who has to find the remaining. In contrast, the other four have to survive by completing various tasks. See all the chapters in the game listed below.

All Chapters in Dead by Daylight

Hour of the Witch Chapter

 In this chapter, Mikaela Reid is the survivor. Mikaela Reid is storywriter and teller. After the death of her father, she was invited to a festival. Nevertheless, she was unaware of the darkness lurking behind her and went there. Therefore, in this chapter, you will experience all the series of events that Mikaela went through.

Tools of Torment

Live through horror and action-packed events with Thalito and Renata Lyra. Feared by the evil skull merchant, they have to survive this killer.

Of Flash and Mud

The survival story of Hage and Ace Visconti. Traveling through a dark, muddy, black water swamp, they are unaware of the death following them.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Survive the notorious nightmare killer that is following everyone without any sight of it. It is the story of Quentin Smith, the only survivor in the town.

Forged in the Fog

Living in the shattered square, Vittorio Toscano has to survive the famous killer, the Knight.

A Binding of Kin

This follows the story of poor twins Charlotte and Victor, who have become nightmares for the village. Now, the unlucky investigator, Élodie Rakoto, is unfamiliar with them passing by the town.

Ash vs. Evil Dead

Ash, living aside the dark woods, got himself into some misfortune. Find out how he met with something scary and how he survived it.


Following the murder story by the famous Bubba Sawyer — the Cannibal, also known as Leather Face. Due to his horrific murder style, his terror is spreading all over the town.

Descend Beyond

Starting with the unfortunate story of Blight, a scientist who has turned into something unhuman because of a wrong experiment. Now, his following prayer is maybe a wealthy architect, Felix Ritcher.


A K-pop musician, Trickster, who later became a serial killer, wanted to murder her manager, Yun-Jin Lee.

Sadako Rising

The haunting of Onryō is now behind Yoichi Asakawa, a student currently searching for various curses.

Portrait of a Murder

A serial Murderer, later who was a Painter because of his unique style of killing, is now called The Artist. Jonah Vasquez, a traveler and a strong athlete, will be the next target of the Painter. See how he is going to survive it.

Demise of the Faithful

An ancient ruin, The Plague, is now hunting everyone on its way. Jane Romero, an ambitious actress, has just been caught by her. Learn how she survives this terrific event.

End Transmission

The artificially intelligent tech has now become a destruction of humanity. One is Singularity, which is now about to target Gabriel Soma, the last human living.

Final Word

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