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Age of Wonders 4 Console Commands and Cheat Codes List

Age of Wonders 4 is a strategy role-playing game for Consoles and Windows. It was recently released and became popular because of its strategic gameplay with multiplayer support. On this page, you can learn about all the console commands and the cheat codes for the game.

Age of Wonders 4 Console Commands

In Age of Wonder 4, Console commands help you quickly access various settings and features. To run Commands, click CTRL + ALT + C. Once you start a game, a text box will show. Here, you can enter the following commands.

Command Effect
buit Get 100000 war spoils
cruijff Get unlimited movement
allheroes Take heroes to the recruitment
barentz Discover all the map
coehroon Crosses walls of any city
demonen Gives 20 alignments
dokterwie Add one turn counter
eendracht Grants the beacon of unity
eenhied Turn on the occupied province objective
engelen Add 20 alignments
forge Gives a random item
forgeall Offers items of all types
foegeallchannels It provides an item with a forever-damaged channel
freepop Increases population of a city
gainforgeresource Grants 100,000 gold and mana
genhero Allow an off-map hero
gencrypthero Allow a hero in the crypt
genprisonhero Allow a hero in prison
hauer Increases the level of heroes and the army
hein Trigger victory
huygens Allow empire development
iamgood Allows auto-win 
ikbedoelalles Grants knowing all spells
imroverelation Moves to the next allegiance
instantskills Quick research
instantforge Quick forge
leeuwenhoek Complete the research
makeally Allies with a city
makeangry Decreases relation by 100 points.
makecoop Make relation with a city
makehappy Increase relation by 100
makeintegrated Integrates a city
makeloyal Make relation with a city
makeneutral Ends wars with a city
makevassal Turns a town into a vassal
makewar Starts war with a city
martin Gives 999 hero caps
masterskills Research everything
ordenbarnvelt Gives 100 000 impremium
optimalprime Allows instant spell-casting
philips Allow instant production
questmaster Starts a quest
rallytheieges Initiates rally of lieges
rembrandt Get 100,000 gold with mana
reuvens It shows every diggable area
ruijter Increses evey item of a hero
spaargaren Initiates empire development
spinoza Get 100000 souls
tasman Access all the map
unexplore Closes entire map
unlockforgeupgrades Get all the forge items
verdoemenis Add in the Affinity province build
voorhees Get infinite skill
warlord Starts war
willem Get defeat
demo Initiates master skills with Cruiff and Rembrandt
flyingdutchman Activates Bartz
forgemaster Starts unlock forge, unlock forge upgrades, gain forge resources, and instant forge at the same time.

Age of Wander Cheat Codes

Exhaust All the action points are taken from the team
Wakeup Reduce all the action points from the army
Happy Increase moral points by 20
Sad Reduce moral points by 20
Medic The health of the military is maxed.
Weaken The health of the army is set to a minimum
Winnow Win the match
Runaway Loses the match
Alwayscrit Starts critical attacks
Alwaysfumble Starts fumble attacks
Alwaysgraze starts to graze attacks
Alwaysmiss Starts missing every attack
Killerbunny Navigate to a team
Getout defeat a team
Levelup Upgrade a team
Nolimit Unlimited turns
Refresh Restart ability cooldown
Restart Restarts the match
Runaway Retreat the team
Konings Activates refreash

Final words

These are all the functional commands in the Age of Wonder 4. These commands are beneficial and time-saving. See more guides about other games. Also, visit the official YouTube channel for more updates; you can also join the Discord server for more info.